Fair weather photography

After yesterday’s April showers here in London, I’ve decided to be typically English and talk about the weather again.

When does the weather seriously affect your photography? If I’m thinking about an excursion somewhere and there is little sunshine, then I’m likely to stay at home. Natural light – and plenty of it – can be the lifeblood of decent photographs.

And if rain threatens – as it often does in the UK – then an outdoor session is less likely. Nothing like a shower to cloud the lens and dampen your enthusiasm.

Also, the cold winter months put photography trips in jeopardy. Nothing like some sub-zero temperatures and freezing hands to make those finer camera adjustments really tricky.

Going up on Hampstead Heath to do night shots overlooking London in January wasn’t my best idea – but at least the frostbite I suffered resulted in some pleasing shots.

But should the weather deter you from going out to take photographs? They can be the essence of a lovely image. Is it time to just man up and get out there, come rain or shine?! Please share your thoughts.

Please leave your comment below. I look forward to hearing from you

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