I decided to defy the abysmal weather and make a trip to Kew Gardens, a real urban oasis and home of some amazing plant life in south-west London.

Even if it’s a chilly, sunless day, you can take refuge in the hot houses and be transported to the tropics. There is a relatively small glasshouse which houses a pond and beautiful collection of waterlillies. Cue a photographic indulgence in colour, form and reflections.

Click on the first image to launch the full-size gallery.

But staying true to the spirit of previous posts about floral captures, a monchrome version of the darkest lily was created. I think it brings out the contrast between the dark water and the brilliance of the bloom.

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Waterlillies

  1. The black and white photo is really successful – they can get a bit garish in colour! I love that water lily house at Kew although it does get a bit steamy. There is also a lovely water lily pond outside (not really in flower yet) where I have done some paintings – might do a post on these later in the summer.


    • That sounds lovely, Diana, I look forward to those. I was surprised how carried away I got – this is not really my thing. The monochrome brings a whole new dimension, perhaps.


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