Aerial views

The newest addition to London’s complex transport web is a cable car, which crosses a waterway between North Greenwich and Royal Dock. The Emirates Air Line, as it’s officially called, provides a short joy ride and an impressive viewing – and photographic – platform across parts of the city.

In these shots, captured on a bright afternoon, the protruding yellow struts of the O2 Arena dominate the frame. It was used for gymnastics during the London Olympic Games and temporarily renamed the North Greenwich Arena. The soaring, shimmering skyscrapers of Docklands line up across the Thames. The new vantage points of the cable car are pretty impressive.

From another point on the ride, this cluster of riverside buildings dominates the vista. The slender form of the BT Tower, some way off in London’s West End, can be seen to the right of the tallest tower. This is a London ride well worth taking.

11 thoughts on “Aerial views

  1. I like that last view a lot – the toning is just right. Nothing remotely like this when I lived in London a couple of decades ago, but still a great place for photographers, if only I had taken advantage.


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