Goodbye Television Centre

Television Centre view

So that’s the end of an era. A chapter has closed for good.

I have worked my last day at BBC Television Centre. It was an odd experience, for a building that has been winding down for months was suddenly brimming with life because of the Comic Relief charity fundraiser – the last live studio-based show to come from TVC.

I’ve worked in the building since 2004 and it’s become part of my life’s fabric, full of familiar sights which are now being consigned to memory. This set of photographs captures just some of Television Centre’s corners that I’ve encountered so many times, and the essence of this iconic building.

Television Centre’s doors will close for good in two weeks before the site is handed over to its new owners. A major and lengthy refurbishment will follow. Life goes on, doesn’t it?…

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Way out

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23 thoughts on “Goodbye Television Centre

    • Many thanks, Lee, glad you enjoyed it. It’s shut down now and waiting for its lengthy redevelopment. Thanks for the follow – really like your site and enjoy seeing variations on the Nishita theme!


  1. I’m really pleased that you’ve taken the time and care Mike to capture these images of Television Centre for us all to remember! I worked there for 3 years, and the place and people mean’t so much to me – the best years of my life! A truly unique and creative environment to work in and there is no other place like it. It must have been so difficult for you to leave Mike. I haven’t quite said ‘goodbye’ to TC yet, as I’m returning to watch two shows being filmed there before Easter. Have you now left the BBC or have you moved to Broadcasting House?


  2. It’s great to see how you bring a building to life. You really loved your working place, we can see it in the pictures. Even I (living in the Netherlands) will miss the old building of the BBC, after watching your series. I hope your new working place will fit, eventually.


    • Thank you very much, Cos, a very heartfelt comment and I appreciate it a lot. The building is known around the world. It may be a little tired in places, but it’s been ‘home’ for a long time. Life doesn’t stand still, though.


  3. Really sad and the true end of an era. (Oddly, I’ve just watched a report on the BBC News website about the last news broadcast being transmitted from TVC today, 17th March.) I visited TVC a couple of times a few years back, and was lucky enough to visit Studio 1 and get lost in the doughnut. Things do move on, however, and I’m longing to stay in the proposed hotel! Great set of images, Mike, and let’s hope your new place of work is as photogenic! :D


    • Thank you as always, Richard. The notion of getting lost in the doughnut tickled me, but I still do it after 10 years of stalking those corridors! I don’t think anywhere else will have quite the same lustre as TVC, but things move on. I wonder how the redevelopment will look in years from now?…


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