InscriptionLondon’s New West End synagogue is something of a hidden gem. It’s a short walk from the Notting Hill area, but is set back from the main road into the heart of the city.

From the outside, the Victorian red brick building is imposing but largely nondescript, hiding its treasures. You have to venture inside to be truly blown away.

I arranged my visit to the synagogue in advance, and was warmly welcomed by the building’s administrator, who switched on all the lights and showed me inside. I had the entire space to myself, and was left to wander around at will with my camera. This included the upper gallery, usually reserved for female worshippers.

Quite simply, it’s magnificent. Lofty in dimensions and opulently decorated with gold leaf and beautiful stained glass windows. This is a majestic example of architecture when standing empty and no doubt an inspiring space when used for religious ceremony. It’s probably best to let the images do the work.

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North London vista (2)

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