Tate in the frame

Tate Britain sign

This major London gallery on the north bank of the Thames houses a dazzling wealth of British art. It has been a little overshadowed by Tate Modern, its sibling across the river and more obvious tourist draw.

But I was here to see the impressive shell that houses Tate Britain, recently refurbished to the tune of £45 million with a new staircase and reopened balconies.

The building’s central sweep with all its Neo-classical grandeur is just as impressive. On a quiet day, it’s possible to capture these features without the interruption of visitors – or just simply let them wander into shot.

Velvet sheen - clean (2)

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20 thoughts on “Tate in the frame

  1. You remind me of why I need to dash off to the Tate London for another view. You’re right, it has somehow become the Tate Modern’s poorer cousin. The thrill of the new and all that.


      • As much as that? I love the Tate Modern, too. One of the main reasons I visit is that it’s closer to where I live. The Tate Britain always strikes me as an odd place for gallery. The building is wonderful, the location less so. Would you agree?


        • It’s certainly not on an obvious tourist trail and I think it’s possible to miss it on the trek from Pimlico station. Tate Modern has all the bling and pizzazz of contemporary art too. And it’s hard to miss the building.


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