A slice

A pit stop in a local pub in west London. A spot of lunch and a cool drink (of the soft variety) for me. 

Ice and a slice? Don’t mind if I do. A miniature world of effervescence, lemon, a cheeky straw and glass is revealed by the lens. It doesn’t need to be a hot summer’s day to enjoy this little pleasure.

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72nd floor abstract - clean (2)

21 thoughts on “Refreshment

  1. I just realised that I show peculiar behaviour when I see one of your posts in the reader: my eyebrows go up, I smile and say aloud: hey, Mike’s new macro lens. If that isn’t something that qualifies me as a weirdo, I don’t know what is…
    I really like your macro shots, and every time I see them, I remind myself that I have a macro lens, too. But somehow these days I always go for another one.


    • Hi Kiki, I’m very flattered to hear that :-) Hopefully you’ll feel the need to dust off your macro lens too. You might be glad to hear there’s something non-macro lined up for this weekend – I don’t want to make people feel macroed out!


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