Death of a tree

Stricken treeDuring the stormy winter, this mature tree in Ravenscourt Park close to my home in west London was taken out by a freak bolt of lightning and reduced to a jagged stump and tangle of wood.

It’s a sad sight but one which provoked my curiosity. I scoured the area with my macro lens, capturing the textures and markings left by the impact and sawn debris. At close quarters, these are intriguing and almost otherworldly. I also found some beautiful, rich green lichen still clinging to its fallen host.

Even in death and destruction, nature holds beauty and food for the camera. What’s more, the lost tree is now recorded for posterity.


Click first image for full gallery experience

16 thoughts on “Death of a tree

  1. Hey Mike. Fabulous post once again with many fabulous images! I’m curious how you make your collages. Do you use a template? What program do you use? I’ve tried this in PS CS5 and it is SO very time consuming that I’ve almost given up…Any advice you have I would appreciate! Best, Robyn


    • Hi Robyn, many thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I wish I could take credit – it’s simply a gallery created in WordPress. This is set to mosaic. I’m not sure it’s universal to all themes. It does take some jiggling around to get right, and the mosaics generally require multiples of three to be balanced. Does any of that make any sense?!


  2. How sad Mike. The death of a poor tree. Beautifully captured my friend. We’re doing fine. Just haven’t done any photography in a couple of weeks. Marks bought me a Harley Davidson Sportster for my birthday so we’ve been out and about driving together. I’m going to try and put together a blog today about that. Have a great weekend :)


    • Yes, your trees are always so alive and robust. But this is nature’s way. I did enjoy exploring the wreckage on one of very wet winter’s days. A Harley? Sounds exhilarating! Enjoy catching the breeze :-) Greetings from a very mild London where Spring has sprung quite suddenly!


      • Glad you’re getting some good weather. It must be a nice change after all the rain. Good to get out and do some photography. Our spring has been a bit of a roller coaster switching from very warm days where we have to use the airconditioner and then back to cooler days where the heat has to come back on. Still mostly sunshine so we’re not complaining :)


    • Thank you very much, Sarah. Thankfully there was just the one casualty. It must have been its time. It’s a lovely park, has served me well photographically speaking. You ought to come and reacquaint yourselves with the place!


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