Budapest album

This is Budapest

Here are my reasons why the Hungarian capital is a great place to visit with a camera and tripod.

  • It’s an elegant city with many architectural landmarks to capture, including the stunning parliament building and the bridges which cross the Danube. There is always something to shoot.
  • Budapest is packed with attractive detail, from its stonework to iron decorations. Your macro lens can come into its own here.
  • It’s a city with views. Clamber up Castle Hill or to the imposing Liberty Statue and you’ll enjoy a bird’s eye view of Budapest. A great chance to practise those panoramic shots.
  • After dark, the city shimmers and is ripe for night photography. Some landmarks are so well illuminated that long exposures and a tripod aren’t necessary.

Enjoy my view of Budapest and I hope you have a chance to see it soon – it’s also a place worth returning to.

North London vista (2)

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