We all do it. Some of us a lot more than others. This is how we express ourselves, usually with sweeping hand gestures and movements of the arms to make our point and give drama to our outpourings.

In another take from my photography sessions at the Hay Festival, I captured some prominent people in full flow, performing on stage in front of many people.

Tony Fadell (in the main image) is one of the inventors of the iPod and struck me with his broad, expressive hand gestures, while children’s writer Michael Rosen made great use of his tall frame and rangy arms while delivering a talk from the lectern.

Ab Fab legend Jennifer Saunders’ gesticulations, I think, were outdone by her hugely expressive face. All of this is easier to see on photographs after the event, showing the camera still holds great power.

Some of these images also appear on the BBC Arts website.

The Photo Shop

Tony Fadell IClick first image below for the full gallery experience

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