Subway sign

Elephant and Castle in London is notorious with city dwellers for its rundown shopping centre and existence as a major road artery just south of the River Thames.

Beneath the busy traffic system lies a network of subways, allowing pedestrians to safely negotiate their way from one side of Elephant to another.

It’s adorned with cheerful, vibrant murals – official art unlike the Leake Street graffiti tunnel – but is a confusing maze to negotiate. I spent my first week in London staying locally, and often went round in circles. At night-time, it can feel a little intimidating.

For this shoot I wanted to get lost to cover every corner of the system and pass as many fellow pedestrians as possible. On my way out, I followed the signs to the Tube station – now that seemed like the longest walk…

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12 thoughts on “Underneath

  1. Love the sign itself as well as the ceramic tiles – it’s the way you capture colour on colour details p.s. my purchase of Bournemouth beach huts arrived today :)


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