Essex in bloom

It was time to take a break from London and see my mother who lives in Essex, a two-hour jaunt east from my part of the city.

This turned into two glorious days spent in her garden, newly landscaped with gravel, paving stones and raised beds of flowers fashioned from reclaimed railway sleepers. It’s bursting with roses, dahlias, marigolds, lavender and a host of garden favourites.

My trusty camera came with me, and working in the garden was restful and a pleasure, punctuated with numerous breaks from the strong summer sunshine. I found abstract, floral and architectural shots in this well-structured space – rich, rewarding and relaxing in equal measure.

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And to finish off, a candid photograph of this garden’s proud owner, my Mum, resting in her swing seat, probably enjoying a crossword puzzle or reading her Kindle. The fruits you deserve to savour at a mature stage in life…

A moment of rest

15 thoughts on “Essex in bloom

  1. Was surprised to see flowers at the end of your lens Mike but even in the candid you manage that angle that makes the shot just that bit better – especially the daisies though the orange geum(?) is a portrait almost as heartfelt as that of the gardener.


    • Thank you Laura for such lovely comments. Oh, I’m a real sucker for flowers and floral macros – they’re impossible to resist. Hopefully my mother likes how her garden has been captured, particularly the candid!


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