Olympic legacy

Two years ago the eyes of the world were on London for the Olympic Games. A neglected area of the city was redeveloped to host the event, which was deemed a huge success.

After the action has finished, it’s easy for facilities to fall into disuse. There’s little sign of that in London. The area has been turned into a playground for the city, with beautifully sculpted walkways where everyone is free to roam.

It has great architectural interest with the amazing curves of the Aquatic Centre, designed by Britain’s high priestess of building design, Zaha Hadid. It sits near Orbit, a thrusting artistic twist of metal created by Anish Kapoor. And the athletes’ village has been turned over to private residential use.

This is a place that visitors want to explore, long after the buzz of Olympic competition left the arena. Here’s a portrait of the park captured one afternoon in both its might, detail and as a people’s place.

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8 thoughts on “Olympic legacy

  1. Great series, particularly the abstracts and love the Olympic rings shot, Mike. That’s just so human to want to climb the damn thing :)


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