Tube grunge

Dank platform

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I use this London Underground station to traipse to and from my day job every day. It’s on the Hammersmith and City line so isn’t deep beneath the surface – but certainly feels that way.

Many stations on the Tube network have been spruced up in recent times, but not Great Portland Street. One end of the platform is a dank, sodden and seemingly long forgotten corner where water drips and lies in pools. 

This brief snapshot was taken at the weekend. During the working week it’s heaving with passengers – sometimes I’ll wait for the next train rather than attempt to shoehorn myself into a non-existent space.

But it gets us Londoners around. And I love the atmosphere of these photographs which you don’t find on the bright, squeaky clean stations of the city network.


Tube grunge

Waiting beneath


Gallery entrance

14 thoughts on “Tube grunge

    • Thanks Richard! Well, there were a few people about and it’s always busy during the week. I only noticed the other day that the end of the platform I photographed is partly open to the elements. No wonder it’s sodden!


  1. Grungy and damp has it in spades for atmosphere, I couldn’t agree more Mike. Something sterile about gleaming white tiles :) Love how you included the light in the first shot.


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