Westminster opulence

Westminster floor

The “mother of parliaments” deserves a resplendent setting – and it certainly has that. The architecture of the Palace of Westminster is soaked in grandeur, and its inner corridors are enriched with the atmosphere of a cathedral.

After waiting in a lengthy queue and undergoing airport-style security screening, St Stephen’s Hall, Westminster Hall and the Central Lobby – the “foyer” for Britain’s political nerve centre – were ours to peruse and photograph.

It’s staggeringly opulent. All I can wonder is if David Cameron, Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher ever took a moment to absorb its magnificence or craned their neck to admire the Central Lobby’s gilded ceiling.

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21 thoughts on “Westminster opulence

    • Thank you very much, Andy, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s well worth coming back to, even if it is thronged with tourists all grabbing shots with Smartphones – not that it’s a bad thing.


  1. Excellent sequence. Your comment about the politicians has me wondering, do they become desensitized to the aesthetics of the environment or if they come to assume that this glorious setting is their rightful place in the world. I would hope it left them appreciative & humbled rather than deserving and arrogant, unlikely outcome.


    • Thank you very much, glad to have your visit. I imagine they’re far too busy and wrapped up in their own business to even think about it. And I’m sure many of them have become used to Westminster, as opposed to my wide open eyes.


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  3. That ceiling would stand amongst the best in Europe, just amazing, Mike. And the medieval beams that adorn many old, old buildings are art works in themselves. Thanks for this small look at such an historic building with beautiful images.


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