Shabby pastels

Boa Vista in the African island nation of Cape Verde is sparsely populated and sleepy – a paradise far away from the strains of European urban life.

Its main town, Sal Rei, is home to around 6,000 people, while the former capital Rabil is more like a village. Its houses are modest, built with blocks and colourfully decorated, although the paint quickly peels in the tropical sunshine. The homes around the main square in Sal Rei are a little more grand, but also with a charming air of dilapidation.

My hotel was newer and inevitably in much better condition, with rustic yellow and light brown walls, which caught the sun beautifully.

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Gallery entrance

23 thoughts on “Shabby pastels

  1. A great collection of some beautiful buildings. The crumbling textures and bright colours are wonderful and your compositions with doors and windows are perfect. I just love that blue and the way it features in your composition of the Rabil street.


    • Thank you very much, Noeline. This was much more compelling that a perfectly decorated house – these buildings ooze character and charm. Whether they’re comfortable in the intense heat is another matter…


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