The Monochrome Challenge

Five monochrome photographs in five days on Facebook. This was the gauntlet laid down to me by photographer Steven Kelly. This gave me the chance to delve into the archives and revisit favourite old shots and explore why they are etched in my memory. Click the images to enlarge

Towards West Pier

Day one: Towards West Pier from March 2012, one of the first shots published on mikeosbornphoto. Brighton’s skeletal structure is often photographed, while the figures on the stone jetty make it look distant. It’s timeless in monochrome and reminds me of a coastal visit on an unusually warm day.

Towards the mountain

Day Two: Towards the Mountain. Taken on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura in May 2013. It’s not just a holiday playground but endowed with dramatic landscapes. The lone figure trudging across the sand makes this memorable for me.

Wapping portico

Day Three: Wapping Portico. A shot from 2012 of a covered walkway in the affluent riverside area of London. The shadows and sense mystery made it clear that architecture is a favourite area of mine.

Elegant descent

Day Four: Elegant descent. A swirling, beautiful design at London’s Tate Britain gallery which naturally lends itself to monochrome treatment. This is a piece of work that needs to be photographed.


Day Five: Contemplation. I picked a recent photo to complete my five shots, from the Tower of London on Armistice Day when the moat was filled with ceramic poppies. The scarlet has gone to add emphasis on the young woman’s expression and the capture of a moment.

And then the challenge is passed onto someone else, like a pleasantly creative chain letter. I asked Richard Cooper-Knight to choose his monochrome five, which he has published on his blog.

If anyone fancies a nomination, I will happily provide one!

21 thoughts on “The Monochrome Challenge

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  2. A good set – the stand out one is the Tate Britain staircase. Not easy to photograph (I know, I’ve tried), but that’s a great image and it looks superb in B&W. wide angle I’m guessing, <24mm.


  3. All of these images are great in mono, but I especially like the last with the emphasis on the young woman’s face, would have been more distracted by the red of the poppies in colour. And of course the swirling staircase at the Tate is a must for B&W.


  4. This is a good set of five, with plenty of variety. Day 1 is my favourite, with Day 2 a close second. I’m now going to look at my Fuerteventura photos, to see whether I like any of them in mono. Thanks for the prompt.


  5. Five great images Mike…..but I really like the first because of the light. The last one is interesting….turning the red poppies monochrome yellow/sepia….but it does work to help focus on the couple.


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