Salvaged shots

Some photographs slip between the cracks. Some of them are overlooked, seemingly superfluous to requirements, or simply don’t fit neatly into any post. Some of them deserve to be scooped up and given an airing.

This collection is a rescued rag-tag. It brings together moments of architectural discovery, traipsing around London and elsewhere, while my visit to the Cape Verde islands comes up again, including a visit to the gnarled hulk of the wrecked Santa Maria.

These are disparate moments from my photographic journey which I hope you’ll enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “Salvaged shots

    • Thank you Noeline. It’s true. I should create a holding file for the ones which get away – although often that’s the best outcome for them and they should be trashed to free up space. Having said that, obliterating images is probably not the best course of action if you believe in archive!


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