Westminster nightfall

Pleasure boat trails

The Palace of Westminster. Arguably the most recognisable London landmark topped off by Big Ben, the capital’s timekeeper. It’s taken me a number of years to visit the stretch of the south bank of the Thames between Westminster and Lambeth bridges, which offers this view.

I set up my tripod in one spot as dusk rapidly turned to autumnal darkness. Each is a separate long exposure shot, two have monochrome finishes. What I couldn’t master was capturing the detail of the clock face, which is the brightest point of the composition. And the building is undergoing some repair work, meaning scaffold and a covered section are unavoidably part of the photographs. But two pleasure boats obliged to create the light trails in the main photo.

 There is little to beat the transition from day to night in a big city – especially if you have your camera ready to catch it.

Lighting up time

Gallery entrance

16 thoughts on “Westminster nightfall

  1. Fantastic shots Mike, it’s great to see a subject in such different lighting, just shows how much mood can be created by visiting the same subject at different times of day and year. Out of all of them I’m drawn to the relaxing colours of the dusk one, beautiful.

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    • Hello Claire and thanks so much for your feedback. This was over the course of about half an hour I guess – that crucial period between the last of daylight and darkness. It’s good to have that view in the bag at last :)

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  2. Fabulous landmark vistas Mike and the glassy thames makes an almost fairy tale setting for this gothic pile – p.s. I’d be interested in knowing your technical settings for these p.p.s.am still too self-conscious to take my tripod out and about – somehow feel I need to justify it with better level of photography to begin with – cart before the horse thinking really.


    • Thank you as always, Laura. Hmmm, shame about the lumps of scaffold on the old girl, although I quite like some of the silhouettes and shapes it creates. I can mail you the setting if you’d like – it’s usually a bit of trial and error, and with these shots I couldn’t avoid the face of Big Ben overexposing. As for venturing out with your tripod, I know, it makes me self-conscious too, but take it out for a spin! That’s the only way to practice and get experience :)

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