Autumn pile

Autumn brings with it a riot of colourful decay and the irresistible urge to go outdoors and take photographs of the turning leaves. Last year I chose to ignore the call, but this season tried to create some different shots by foraging for leaves in my local park in west London – and bringing them back indoors to be my willing subjects.

My well-lit living space with its white surfaces doubles up as a studio area to take photographs and arrange my own shots rather adapting to what you are confronted with. Standing on a chair proved a useful technique, while my macro lens was given another workout. Consider coming in from the cold to capture your fall…

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24 thoughts on “Colourfall

  1. Gorgeous shots! I don’t get into the whole “autumn” thing … but, I DO love the leaves. They are all so fascinating … much more so than when they are simply green. As they’re aging, dying, you see the individuality of each leaf. Just beautiful…


  2. As always a great series Mike and who doesn’t want control when you produce images like these. A couple of ideas I’d like to try but autumn is 6 months away:)


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