Eastern lovelocks

Shoreditch lovelocksHundreds of padlocks, attached to a strip of fence close to Shoreditch High Street rail station to the east of the city of London. This isn’t my first brush with lovelocks, permanent little emblems of relationships left in public places. Each lock tells a story – or at least hints at one – and are intriguing to take as individual, close-up photographs. A whole swathe of these brings delicious focusing to the fore and an explosion of colour.

As a contrast to the intimacy of the lovelocks, I took a photograph of the view from the fence – the urban grit of the Braithwaite Street tunnel and a host of pedestrians. Who knows, maybe a pair of them had snapped on a lock just minutes before…

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Braithwaite Street

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10 thoughts on “Eastern lovelocks

  1. A strong image Mike and a fan of lovelocks. It seems like a good idea having them on a random Shoreditch fence, bit is it random after all someone must have chosen this spot for the first padlock…but it certainly better than on some permanent piece of street furniture


  2. They have banned them from the bridges in Venice, Italy but people still do it anyway.
    They have to be cut off with bolt cutters to avoid damaging the bridges. And those metal keys thrown into the canals don’t help either. I’m sure it’s the same everywhere they try this.
    Yes, it is a very romantic gesture, I’m sure and I’m all for romance but very much against environmental damage.


    • Yes, Misha, it’s certainly a serious problem in some spots. I’m quite a fan of this London lovelock hotspot – it’s a dull piece of fence and be removed lock, stock and barrel if need be. A much better idea than attachments to bridges and other permanent fixtures.

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    • Agreed totally. I noticed these several weeks ago and just had to go back to dip into the stories and enjoy the effect they create. I’m hoping to discover the other ‘lovelock stations’ around the capital.


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