Human interest


This photograph made me pause for thought. It is my Greek friend Ilias, taken on a city walk around Hoxton. I’d imagined taking a picture of him, and this was it. I happily gave a little direction to make it happen, and it was part of the process of photography.

It made me think of my self-confessed fear of people and portraits. But looking back over my archive, it becomes clear that this problem doesn’t really exist. I’ve captured a fair few people, some in plain sight and others while I simply observed them from afar. Perhaps I feel safer with the solid majesty of buildings or objects in the control of my studio space. But humans are interesting – and sometimes need not be feared.

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4 thoughts on “Human interest

  1. You do yourself a disservice, Mr Osborn! You’ve captured some great portraits over the months and, while there are only a couple where you might have asked someone outright for an image, that doesn’t detract one bit from the candid ones you have taken! :D


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