High-end living

London bristles with cranes. There is development everywhere. Quite often you find it’s for luxury residential developments, full of sharp angles, contemporary materials that ascend several floors. This clutch of new buildings are around the Thames, from the base of The Monument and across the river on the South Bank, in the shadow of The Shard along to Tate Modern, which is also currently being extended.

Throw in a lightly clouded blue sky and the odd passing helicopter, these can be very striking captures. And there are certainly a lot to choose from in this ever-growing town…

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Feline patternA little closer to the ground I found this stylish, feline-like cover on some doors to one of the South Bank’s luxury apartment blocks.

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18 thoughts on “High-end living

  1. Spectacular set, Mike. Love the sky high perspective. Your description of the door cover as “feline” is spot-on. Amazing the transformation of big cities these days.


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