Urban waters

The first truly shimmering day of the year prompted a trip to the east of London to enjoy a stretch of the city’s waterways. This walk took us from Angel to Limehouse Basin along Regent’s Canal, taking in modern buildings, industrial tumbledown and a good sprinkling of narrowboats. We also stopped off at Victoria Park, a green oasis along the route.

I set myself the photographic task of spotting small details and minimalist lines on the walk, although both water and the urban landscape of the canal crept into the frame too. It’s an interesting spot and one worthy of a return visit or two – there is plenty to see and capture.

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Regent's Canal, Hackney

Gallery entrance

23 thoughts on “Urban waters

  1. At first I wondered if you boys had finally lost all !!!! Now back to Urban Waters. Great images, varied, and with your touch of architectural magic. Canalside Blue does it for me :)


    • Hahahaha! I thought you might notice our completely off-topic discussions, Lee. I’m pleased you like the photographs – this was certainly one of the more interesting photo walks. And other London canal stretches to explore.

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