The Duke’s backyard

This is a magnificent garden tucked between the suburban sprawl of London and one of the world’s busiest airports, Heathrow. It is Syon Park, part of the Duke of Northumberland’s estate, also consisting of a sturdy and impressive stately pile – not to mention a fantastic ‘greenhouse’.

It was a partially sunny day drilled by a cold wind with the threat of rain. But these are beautiful grounds to capture, from the magnificence of the Giant Rhubarb at the water’s edge, to a whole host of flowering plants and natural details. Apart from the older couple seated and enjoying the peace and quiet, I had the run of this London gem.

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13 thoughts on “The Duke’s backyard

  1. I can’t believe that in the urban crush that is London these magnificent gardens are still in existence. Thankfully open to the public (for a fee?). Great captures as always and Tangle could have come from my paddocks!


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