Night on the quays

Welcome to Manchester. Here are the first photographs from my new home city. I’m living (at least for now) on Salford Quays, an old industrial area reclaimed for the 21st century and now bristling with media outlets including the BBC, high-rise residences and amenities.

The area’s waterways and gracefully illuminated bridges make this an excellent place to take both camera and tripod out for a spin after dark. It’s quiet enough to go about your photography unimpeded, while the evenings are mild – at least for now.

Click first image to see the collection

Gallery entrance

13 thoughts on “Night on the quays

  1. I love these night -times shots – a great gallery Mike. I saw the first image on Instagram a few days ago, but it looks so much better when viewed large. (I viewed this first a few minutes ago and added a comment, and was startled to discover I must have clicked the wrong button and had therefore, inadvertently, re-blogged it. Apologies, I wouldn’t normally do that without asking first)


    • Thanks so much, Andy. And very pleased to be reblogged, however inadvertently :) You’re right, the little Instasquare doesn’t always do a shot justice, but a good thing to have as a brief summing up of your work. Always good when the nights are still mild enough before frostbitten fingers set in!


  2. Beautiful reflections in the calm water. It looks like it’s summer in Manchester. Are there any remains of the old industrial buildings (I only see an old bridge in this series) or is it only new and shiny in this area?


  3. Looks spectacular by night! I thought Manchester was in the centre of England? All that water, what gives?
    Hope the move is proving fantastic and having a new city to explore is exciting.


    • Hi Lee, lovely to hear from you. How’s tricks? Manchester is some way from the coast – this is all part of the canal system in the area, which were essential back in the day. Now the emphasis is on leisure use.


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