Welcome to Castlefield

My neighbourhood is a short stride away from Manchester city centre, but has been called a village in the middle of an urban sprawl. Castlefield has Roman origins, but came into its own during the Industrial Revolution. Set on a confluence of canals, it’s a knot of railway viaducts, bridges and cobbles. The area wears its heritage on its sleeve, but is now a vibrant residential area studded with bars and restaurants.

A short walk in any direction from my building brings you to water, narrowboats gently puffing wood smoke and the canal towpaths. This is just a glimpse of the area, and it’s no wonder tourists always find their way here…

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to Castlefield

  1. Looks amazing Mike. Funny I always figured you lived in Greater London area. Was Castlefield mentioned in the Domesday Book? If it was then I’ll add it to my list. Love the photos…as always, intriguing angles.


  2. Beautiful area, Mike, and not dissimilar to the canals we meandered along a year or two ago! I love the viaduct shot – the light is spectacular! I’m not sure of the name though. Manchesterford is much more you! ;)


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