Salford in lights

During these long winter nights, Salford Quays is a blaze of light with its brightly illuminated modern high rises. But it’s been enhanced with a series of art installations around MediaCityUK which come into their own after dark. There are astronauts and Doctor Who icons, plastic trees and a mesmerising flotilla of little boats on the water which are bringing more visitors than usual to this corner of Manchester.

There are plenty of photographers among them, trooping around the quays with their tripods in tow. This spectacle is on the doorstep of my workplace, so I just had to join the crowd. If you’re quick you can catch the last night of Lightwaves 2016 on 18 December.

Click first image to view the gallery


18 thoughts on “Salford in lights

    • Thank so much, Bunty. Yes, the flotilla is the star of the show without a doubt. The quays are a few miles outside of Manchester city centre, but are concentrated, urban and very modern. They don’t really need any extra light, but I’m glad that’s what they did.


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