A garden in the north

Manchester is a sturdy, handsome city packed with great buildings and urban power. But it’s relatively quick and easy to escape to the country and find green fields, hills and more.

Dunham Massey is a modest stately pile within the boundaries of Greater Manchester. We made a beeline for the formal gardens, which in Spring are bursting with colour. The tulips and rhododendron are out in force, while it’s that special moment of the year when the native bluebells carpet the woods. It’s soothing for the soul and easy to get snap-happy surrounded by these flowers…

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12 thoughts on “A garden in the north

    • Oh, you weren’t so far away! I hope our northerly neighbours treated you kindly. And yes, I think you’re right about the chive buds. I’m afraid plant identification isn’t my strongest discipline. I usually give the images abstract titles to veil my ignorance :)


  1. I still struggle to make a photo of a flower any more than, well, a photo of a flower, but you continually manage to crack it, Mike! Some lovely springtime shots here; it definitely looks like a nice escape from the city! :)


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