Little bits of Croatia

Croatia is a stunningly attractive country, with a long coastline along the Adriatic Sea. When the waters and the sky are blue, it’s undoubtedly a magnificent sight. But exploring the towns and islands of the south, there is more to see.

The buildings sometimes have a faded grandeur, while lines of washing hang proudly in the sleepy back streets and signs point to little tavernas. The markets are always groaning with fresh local produce, bringing colour to the old stones of Dalmatia.

This is just a small collection of the details I found in enticing places including Korcula and Makarska. If you haven’t already visited Croatia, you simply must.

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19 thoughts on “Little bits of Croatia

  1. Another beautiful collections of photos Mike.
    My ‘view’ of Croatia is very different as we stayed inland, exploring the back roads. One well visited area we went to though was the Plitvice Lakes – fabulous and well worth seeing.

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  2. Beautiful images! I’ve seen a lot of Croatia in my childhood and must have seen nearly all of it. But, alas, my childhood was quite a while ago, and I definitely wasn’t interested in photography as a teenager…

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