Pearl of the Adriatic

The ancient city of Dubrovnik needs little introduction. It’s Croatia’s coastal gem and provides some of the backdrop for TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones. There is a lot crammed into a relatively small space – rambling orange rooftops, grand churches and sleepy back streets. 

Good weather brings the crowds to this infinitely explorable place, so my advice is to start out early to walk the old ramparts, and climb up away from the main thoroughfares. But it’s a visitor magnet, so be prepared for the throngs. You should also see the city’s port area, just a bus ride away from the old town. It’s very easy to get snap happy in Dubrovnik, but if you can, take a step back and just enjoy this wonder.

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7 thoughts on “Pearl of the Adriatic

  1. I have to say Dubrovnik is a city of two halves. I love the city itself, the architecture, the rambling streets, the Thrones-iness of it all, but was really put off by the hoards of cruise tour groups. I would definitely recommend going there early in the morning in the middle of the week to avoid the majority of them!


    • Oh I totally agree, Richard. It’s a victim of its own success in some respects. Too many people coming for a quick look and using up a disproportionate amount of resources. I walked the walls very early and that was definitely a wise move.

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