Rapa Nui

This tiny speck of land in the eastern Pacific is better known as Easter Island. A territory of Chile, it’s renowned for its collection of stone statues (moai) which even have their own emoji.

Their presence dominates any visit to the island and they’re an integral part of all photography. But there’s more to Easter Island, including an astonishing freshwater caldera, a tropical beach and its only town Hanga Rua, filled with an abundance of wonderful restaurants.

As for the stone statues, there are various theories about them. Our guide told us they represented ancestors, while the civilisation fell apart partly because so much effort was put into creating them.

The island is a five-hour flight from Chile’s capital Santiago and undoubtedly worth a visit – you’ll find nothing like it anywhere else.

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16 thoughts on “Rapa Nui

  1. Gorgeous photos, Mike! Given the only thing we usually hear about the island is the statues, it’s really lovely to see some of the other side of the place. I particularly love ‘Caldera’ – nature at her best! The ending of civilisation there kind of underlines what could happen with the planet – deforested completely by the natives, nothing substantial grew there, so they had little choice but to leave (well, from what I’ve read/seen, anyway). Makes you think!

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  2. One of the best short overviews of Easter Island that I’ve come across, most just dwell on the statues and I’ve never seen many if any images of the town or island itself. Thanks for this Mike, you sure are getting around the world at present!

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