Return to the seaside

I last visited the coastline of north west England in January 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic took hold and we had to stay close to home.

That trip was to the Lancashire seaside town of Lytham St Anne’s. I finally returned in April 2021 to see the sea again and enjoy sunny blue skies.

I walked along this stretch of the Fylde Coast armed with my wide angle lens. The photos I took express a real sense of space and freedom – exactly what I’d been craving for in Manchester.

The past year makes you appreciate the simple things, doesn’t it?

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2 thoughts on “Return to the seaside

  1. Lovely to see you getting out and about again. A blast of fresh air at the seaside no less! Stay safe and well – have you had your jab yet? I’ve had my first, now trying to organise for the second :)

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    • Oh it was a real tonic :) Definitely more to come. I’m all done and dusted. I must admit they’ve played a blinder here. Even so, it looks like the final lifting of lockdown will be delayed for a month as cases are rising again :/ I hope you’re sorted soon!


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