Sunsets: 19 days that ended memorably

A week of lively weather here in the UK has resulted in a run of spectacular sunsets.

It made me think about the many sundowners I’ve captured over the years, close to home in Manchester and on my travels.

This collection brings together the sunsets I always remember and can almost feel to this day.

Anyone who doesn’t marvel at a sunset is missing a piece of their humanity. Do you agree?

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Dramatic sunset looking towards Salford

And here’s the latest memorable sunset from this week. I was looking across to the growing skyline of Salford with the water of the Bridgewater Canal in the foreground. Very stormy skies for the middle of May.

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11 thoughts on “Sunsets: 19 days that ended memorably

    • Thank you Andy. You can see a lot of sunsets in your lifetime but some remain in the mind. Atacama is at the top of that list. Definitely worth a trip when it’s a little easier again.


  1. Some gorgeous shots there, Mike (although I’m not sure Sunset Scrolling is entirely necessary… ;) ). Particularly like the arched window one. There is something about the sunset colour that sunrises don’t often match… A lovely collection; thank you for sharing. :)

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