Heysham: Village by the sea

Visitors to Lancashire in north-west England flock to its seaside resorts of Blackpool and Morecambe.

But it’s worth stopping at Heysham (pronounced Hee-sham) which is a charming little village perched on the cliffs with beautiful sea views. CONTINUES BELOW

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However, there’s another side to Heysham which is hard to ignore – a nuclear power station and ferry terminal which support a large population beyond the quaint village.

I’m quite fond of industrial facilities but failed to find any redeeming features about the power plant. But on this side of Heysham you can see The Ship sculpture, a truly intriguing landmark.

My advice is to concentrate on the village, the remains of St Patrick’s chapel and enjoy those commanding views over the bay.

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2 thoughts on “Heysham: Village by the sea

  1. Charming indeed! One wouldn’t have thought there’d be another side to this pretty landscape. And thanks for letting us know how to pronounce Heysham – that was the first thing I was wondering when I read the post title :-D

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