Manchester wildflowers

Here in the middle of Manchester you look for every scrap of nature – and it can flourish in the most unexpected places.

A stone’s throw away from my Castlefield home is a vast, very busy interchange where major traffic routes meet.

One central section has burst into life with yellow, white and pink wildflowers – a stunning show bringing nature alongside a stark man-made creation.

Less than a mile away is a rust-coloured branch of a self-storage company where alium flourishes, while cow parsley grows undisturbed on an area of the canal towpath. 

We need wilderness more than ever, especially in our urban centres. Why mow it down for the sake of neatness? Please share your thoughts on this below

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4 thoughts on “Manchester wildflowers

  1. Totally agree with needing patches of wildflowers everywhere, especially in the city. We’re doing the same in our garden, where my parents used to mow everything down; we have a patch of flowers growing wild under the cherry tree, and now that my sister and I do the garden, we leave this patch and mow around it. This is also the second year that we sow wildflower seeds along the fence.

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    • That’s how it should be, Kiki, especially in private gardens. I’m a neat freak but we need plenty of wild growth more than ever. I was sad that someone came and chopped down that patch of cow parsley which was doing no harm at all.

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