A glimpse of Brontë country

Haworth is a picturesque Yorkshire village famous for being the home of literary giants the Brontës.

It’s a train and bus ride away from my home in Manchester, and I paid a visit on a sunny autumn day.

Enjoy the photographs and read more below

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When you arrive in Howarth on the Brontë bus from Hebden Bridge you’re drawn up hilly Main Street, lined with dark stone cottages and a plethora of shops and eating stops for visitors.

At the top of the hill is the little parish church and parsonage, home to the Brontë family and the sisters who penned Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre among others there.

Howarth Parsonage, home of the Brontës

The Brontës lived at Howarth Parsonage

The graveyard is filled with old headstones and was intensely atmospheric yet peaceful under the dappled autumn sunlight.

It’s impossible not to contemplate where the Brontës trod and what their lives were like in this remote place.

There are various pathways leading out of the village and to the beautiful surrounding countryside. You can take a lengthy hike to the Brontë waterfall or a gentler meander to Howarth viewpoints like I did.

A last essential stop was a delicious plate of pie and chips at The Fleece Inn, one of Howarth’s surprisingly numerous pubs.

The village is a real mecca for literary types and casual tourists alike and can get very busy. A weekday out of season would be my tip for a contemplative, memorable visit.

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