My favourite shots of 2012

I shared the most popular shots of 2012 with you recently, based on site statistics. Here is my own personal photographic standouts of the year, which is a completely different selection and in no particular order.

Click on the links or launch the gallery below:

Beached starfish: I love the fine details of this macro. Taken on a Mauritius beach, it reminds me of being warm.

Cable car cluster: A view of London’s newer attractions has a pinkish sepia tinge which I was pleased to capture.

Dad: This portrait of my father was taken in 2009 and has been a treasured memory since  his death in February.

Diamond dew: I’m proud of this moist green close-up taken at London’s Kew Gardens.

Disco tunnel: This electric colour-splashed composite stands out a mile and was discovered by accident.

Dubai divers: Surely this is most extravagant and photogenic shopping mall water feature?

Island jetty: This shot taken in Australia has blocks of colour and the neat composition I crave in photos.

Millennium Bridge: A shot which made my confidence in night photography grow and shows London at its best.

Shades of green: A simple green frame taken at a special spot and is my favourite website header.

Winter walk: I love this bright scene from Windsor, frozen in sepia and full of life.

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12 thoughts on “My favourite shots of 2012

  1. i just have to say, Mike…i have shots of those divers and i cant figure out how you got that angle! you had to be a level above where i was but all i could see in that vicinity was a giant palm tree. Nice favorites, all. thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Darin, yes, I was at the upper level next to the fountain wall and looked down and across. It’s really hard to resist photographing it. Glad you like the shots – hopefully there’ll be another crop to choose from at the end of 2013.


  2. Each to their own I guess …..
    Mind you, it’s a bit irksome when people aren’t bowled over by what you think is your masterpiece :)
    My favourites here are:
    Dubai Divers – I’ve finally realised I’m a sculpture nut!
    Millenium Bridge – just a wonderful image with great composition, colours, light etc.
    Winter Walk – I like the atmosphere of this one


    • Thanks for your comments, Noeline, much appreciated as ever. The Dubai sculpture is “just” a shopping centre water feature, but so outlandish. I’ll always like these shots for one reason or another.


  3. Great images, summing up an awesome year! :D It’s always interesting to see how people like different photos to the ones you prefer individually. (For a couple of weddings I’ve done, I’ve given the happy couple a disc to choose the images they want, and they never pick my own favourites! :D )


    • Thanks Richard! And you’re right, I wasn’t keen at all on some of the statistical favourites. We must see things with different eyes, particularly when it comes to the photographer and the photographed.


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