The London album

I live in London and spend most of my time capturing moments and places around this great capital city.

The London album is a simple notion to make the most of this. It’s a new page which gathers together the photographs and posts about areas and landmarks of the city. Each name on the index – which you can find on the front page – clicks through to images and notes about that place.

Clearly there is a long way to go before I have London covered! Here is just a small sample from the album. Do let me know if you think of any London areas or famous spots which you would like to see added.

You can click here to take a look.

Click first image for the full gallery experience

23 thoughts on “The London album

  1. I love London! You are so lucky you are living there. I have been there last year, and now I do not want to go somewhere else anymore. Awesome photographs by the way :)


  2. Usually, tourists visit most famous and remarkable places in any city on their journey and it looks like a postcards. Your pictures of London are full of love and show the city from inside from the point of view that are hidden for the tourists. Thank you for your tour through the great city.


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