Bridge after dark

Hammersmith by night

London’s Hammersmith Bridge is my personal favourite. Its graceful sweep and ornate green pillars is a beautiful site. Even more so it’s part of the River Thames in my neighbourhood, easy to enjoy on a mild Spring night.

This is the obvious place to visit for some night photography, where the lights capture the water. It’s where I came for my first ever session of low light shooting. 

But this time it was with a different camera, my Fuji X-E1, which behaved impeccably and didn’t pose any problems. I experimented with various film modes, with Velvia giving a vivid and colourful sheen compared to its standard soft and higher contrast settings. And some monochrome treatments were irresistible when it came to editing.

Some of these shots were taken from solid surfaces of this suspension bridge – the wobble caused by the traffic will ruin your long exposure efforts!

Click first image to launch the gallery

23 thoughts on “Bridge after dark

  1. A cracking set of images Mike and I am off to take a look at the Fuji X range. I hope you are well and that you have a great week. Once again awesome shots… makes me want to come up to London to enjoy the buzz again.


    • Thanks James. I’m glad you’re interested in the Fuji range – is well worth a look. Similarly I’d like to visit the south coast for some of those exhilarating views you bring to us.


  2. Mike these are spectacular! The way the light reflects on the water it really something else. And the last b&w it the gallery is just superb! Great job :)


  3. Beautiful night shots and wonderful edifice! This bridge is a little bit remind me of the Liberty Bridge in Budapest. That is my favorite bridge. Have a nice week-end Mike!


    • Thank you very much, Maria! I think perhaps our bridges should be twinned – I see the similarities! Of course Budapest is renowned for its bridges – I really ought to visit. Enjoy your weekend too :-)


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