London’s burning

Thankfully, it isn’t really. But this week a string of spectacular sunsets have graced the capital, and I was lucky enough to capture one very close to my west London home. In this corner of the city, it’s hard to see a full view of the horizon, but this sundown swept high into the sky with plumes of glorious burnt orange.

Perhaps not as full-fledged and glorious as a recent Canary Islands sunset I witnessed from the top of a bell tower, but somehow it’s more impressive in your own neighbourhood.

Burning duskI felt another shot sporting much more silhouette was ripe for conversion to monochrome with a dramatic red filter which packs the contrast home with a punch. As ever, evening skyscapes never fail to delight.

Desaturated dusk

6 thoughts on “London’s burning

  1. Oh I think London sunsets can be equally as dramatic as Canary Island ones….you just don’t, actually, get to see them that often! Given that I live in the Canary Islands, so I see my share, one of the most gorgeous ever was last November coming out of the museum in Greenwich! It was so overwhelming I wanted to cry!


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