Beach huts

They’re a traditional, essential and practically iconic feature of the British seaside. It’s a shelter, somewhere to change into your bathing costume, a place to make a cup of tea.

The coastal resort of Bournemouth in Dorset, on England’s south coast, is a bastion of the beach hut. The first municipal beach huts were built there in 1909, and there are still hundreds of them there today.

Long lines of little dwellings in every imaginable colour are a sight to behold on a chilly December day. They’re mostly locked up for the winter, but a couple of hardy souls were sat outside their miniature English castle.

They are irresistible to photograph – and this is a collection that simply cannot be presented in monochrome.

Beach hut stack

72nd floor abstract - clean (2)Click first image for full gallery experience

24 thoughts on “Beach huts

    • The British coast wouldn’t be the same without its beach huts. Some of them are very sought after indeed! I don’t think they figure in Queensland, which is where I’ve been most recently… perhaps only in the “old” south.


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  2. Beautiful pictures as always. Your pictures brought back wonderful memories from my childhood of when my family would go to the beach in England. I always loved these little colored huts!


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