Season’s greetings

Orthodox crossHappy Christmas to you all and many thanks for your invaluable support over the past year.

I’ve steered clear of the usual seasonal images and chosen something that is dear to my heart – architecture and the hidden corners of London.

This is the stunning blue dome of the Russian Orthodox Church in west London, studded with gold stars and crowned with a magnificent Orthodox cross. A beautiful, spiritually inspiring sight.

29 thoughts on “Season’s greetings

  1. Mike I am so sorry for the delay in dropping you a note. I hope that you and. Yours have had a terrific Christmas and the New year bring you much joy, happiness and good health, oh! And of course continued success with you wonderful images and informative posts . Best regards, james


    • Thank you James, I hope you had a fine Christmas and saw in the New Year with style. Have you been able to keep away from the storm surges and dramatic tides? Likewise, I look forward to keeping up with your work this coming year.


  2. Christmas Wishes and Gratitude to you for uplifting my spirits with your buzzing creativity and artistic skills….it revives the need to pursue and trust in finding beauty in the odd of everyday routine….Wishing you a creative joyous season and inspiring others to do the same! Thank You!


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