Canalside captures

In a first I’ve joined forces with another photographer and friend, Richard Cooper-Knight of CK Ponderings.

We took a long walk along London’s Grand Union Canal, starting at Paddington Station and finishing at Ladbroke Grove in the west of the city. It encompassed the contemporary high rises of Paddington Basin, the charm of Little Venice to urban grit – and even a meeting with a photography barge selling pictures.

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The photographer photographsPhotographer by Richard Cooper-Knight

Richard takes up the story of two photographers’ first collaboration: 

I’d been looking forward to working on a joint photo project with another fellow blogger. After a false start and unexpected change of venue, Mike and I hit Paddington Basin with the weather on our side.

It was interesting to see the different approaches we take to photography. Mike has a studied approach, taking time to work out the framing and set up of each shot, while I tend to go for more quick fire shooting.

There are definite pros and cons to both approaches – I like capturing the moment, while Mike ends up with fewer photographs to process (he had around 40 shots compared to my 200). But it was interesting to see both in action, and I hope you’re pleased with the results!

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28 thoughts on “Canalside captures

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  2. A great collection of shots from the pair of you :) It’s always interesting to see how other photographers approach the same subject; an opportunity to see the world through different eyes.


  3. I like the way you both look and recognise it in my own approach. Mike’s are really strong in lines and framing and composition. Richard’s are spontaneous and hit the right details that seem to be his triggers. Whereas Mike looks more for the whole picture! In my humble opinion :-) There are some gems in these. Well done!


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