Two bells

Two bellsThere are millions of these little beauties around the British countryside at the moment – and they even find a home in the leafier spots of London.

The native bluebell, more delicate than their robust European cousins, wondrous clustered richly together and in their own right.

Worth spending far too long on your knees in the woods with a macro lens to capture these flowers… Click to enlarge

photo shop green

11 thoughts on “Two bells

  1. Great work Mike! I’m going to nag you about a macro/photo day soon! Sun is out, cameras ready, and if you fancy practising with any ND filters all the better :)


    • Thanks Marianne! Well I must confess I took your idea of Osterley and ran with it, so a joint venture must be arranged. I now have a remote shutter release to really keep things steady. Filters are all new to me so that would be great too :)


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