I love Beetham Tower

This is a Manchester landmark known by every Mancunian.

I’m especially fond of Beetham Tower, as it’s part of my neighbourhood of Castlefield and framed perfectly in my own living room window.

This slim, tall chisel of blue glass and steel changes colour with the weather and light.

I’ve photographed the building often since moving to Manchester in late 2016, and it continues to enthrall in spite of competition from new skyscrapers. Here are some of Beetham’s best bits.

Tap/click first image to see gallery

Link to mikeosbornphoto's Manchester photo shop

9 thoughts on “I love Beetham Tower

  1. Amazing how this tower shows itself in so many different lights. Almost like a runway model changing clothes every so often :-D . The Tempest Castlefield really looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, you almost expect the Tardis to hurdle out of the dark clouds to the right!

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    • Ha! Kiki, that’s a lovely analogy. He certainly does have a number of different outfits. I think that ridiculous sky was caused by a sandstorm or something equally outrageous. The tower has a spoof account on Twitter and is always angry!!

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  2. Excellent and atmospheric. I have lived near Manchester for 48 years and have often thought I should I go out early in the morning to avoid the people and photograph all the great buildings, past and present. Guess I should take my chance now!

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    • Thank you Charles. Yes now’s the time although my camera has been on strict lockdown. I’m lucky to have Beetham within reach of home. A building that I admire more than more recent additions.


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