Goodbye W6

Ravenscourt Park

We’re leaving. Our time in this little corner of west London has been far too short. We were settled and happy but have to move on.

This place has been a surfeit of riches for photographic inspiration, from the very fabric of Brackenbury’s old houses, the pub on our doorstep and of course Ravenscourt Park, which I’ve captured through the seasons.

Actually, we’re not going far at all. It’s a change of postcode, not country, and no doubt we’ll pop back regularly. But you have to live and breathe a neighbourhood to feel part of its fabric.

Our new place in the world will no doubt provide fresh material for my camera lens. Until then, here’s a brief homage to this slither of London W6.

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35 thoughts on “Goodbye W6

  1. “you have to live and breathe a neighbourhood to feel part of its fabric” – very nicely put. And it takes a lot of breathing and living to get to that point. I have found that doing some of it through a camera helps with the attending to the details of the fabric and thus with merging into it. I expect you will be out in your new neighbourhood discovering it through a lens. And, I hope there is a good pub nearby.


  2. So, moving is a pain (the physical part, boxing, carrying, lugging); but, it can be a joy (new home, new memories). May your move be less painful, and more joyous! Good luck …

    …..I’m sure there are great pics to come.


    • Johh, thank you very much for your kind and wise words. Th lugging is all done with, some teething problems to see to, but it’s home. Next part is to get and and cast my photographic eye over the new neighbourhood.


  3. Great little series on W6. Looking forward to the new area and what develops there. Love the pastel houses of Wingate Road, a very different look to London.


    • Hello Lee, thank you as ever. Yes, the pastel houses are a wonderful sight even in the poorest of weather, such as today when the remains of a hurricane are passing over us. I already have my beady eye on the Greek Orthodox church which is a few steps away from the new place :)


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