The vast southern African country of Namibia has a myriad of attractions, from its stark, majestic scenery to colourful colonial era towns.

Kolmanskop is another of those gems. This settlement supported a diamond mine during the German occupation of the early 20th century. The last families moved out in the 1950s and it became a ghost town.

The Namib Desert’s dry climate has preserved the buildings and is slowly consuming them. Visitors are allowed to explore former dwellings from the hospital to a skittle alley.

Taking photographs is an unusual and slightly unnerving experience, while the pursuit of ‘abandonment porn’ is a popular one – see how tours of Chernobyl are now widely available.

A trip to Namibia should always include a visit to remarkable Kolmanskop.

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5 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. What a fantastic series of abandonment porn! I am pretty sure I have seen this place on a TV travel show (something like Simon Reeve or Michael Palin), but to see some more personal shots from the place really bring it to life. Lovely images, Mike! :)

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